Strategic Development
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Development Objective
Production path is always to research and develop various types of high-performance and clustered road-specific products to meet needs of road construction. Market objective is to provide customers with comprehensive and convenient one-stop service. Adhere to renovate and manage road equipment and advanced material manufacturing industry with the concept of comprehensive innovation and lean manufacturing (management), upgrade road-specific products to world-class which fully reflect the international cutting-edge technology and the latest materials earlier than international peer companies, become an iconic company in the industry of road-specific machinery and service. 

Business Strategy
Product R & D strategy:
Enter from High-end, Stride Systematically, Extend Vertically, Promote Comprehensively.
Business development strategy: 
product specialization, high-end technology, globalization markets, capital socialization.
Corporate vision:
Innovation to excellence, enterprise strengthens and customers thrive. Fully implement core value “Unity of enterprise, talent and product, Quality first”. Corporate vision: innovation to excellence, enterprise strengthens , customers prosperity.
Core value :
“Enterprise Unity, Talent & Products, Quality First”
Employee behavior concept:
“Just find a way to succeed, no excuses for failure”.

1. "Four Fundamental" business strategy guiding ideology in the business process:
1) To create a first-class team for employee to grow up, establish human resource management system which complies with the requirements of modern enterprise development and meets the actual needs of the company's development, introduce, use and retain all kinds of talents, take efforts to improve the quality of staff, strive to build industry-leading research and development, marketing and management cadre.
2) To take innovation of product and service as core enterprise capabilities, ensure Well-Road’s road-specific products are in the international leading position and strive to become the industry benchmark. Higher than industry standard, meet customers’ expectations; provide users with comprehensive, customized and highly practical integrated services.  
3) To deal with "three relationships" (scale, quality and brand) as the fundamental market operation: scale and quality are always the basis of brand, make sure the size is subject to quality, quality serves the brand.
4) To take "three grasps” as the fundamental for enterprises to thrive---grasp the historic opportunity of the international division, business investment and restructure brought about by globalization to seize the overseas market quickly and to further enhance Well-Road’s globalization; grasp opportunities of market space and industry consolidation brought about by China's macroeconomic adjustment, to expand the company's domestic market share and market areas and to reinforce Well-Road’s leading position in the domestic industry; grasp the opportunities for product innovation brought about by advanced new technologies to upgrade all kinds of Well-Road’s products. 

2. Industry Orientation
On the basis of profound analysis on the global economy, market demand, competitors and our own advantages, Well-Road will continue to implement the usual professional management strategy, unswervingly continue to be positioned as a leading company on road-specific products. Moreover, Well-Road will be highly concerned about the development of road transport industry which is highly relevant to Well-Road’s products. 

3. Competitive Strategy
Implement differentiation strategy to global competitors, focusing on the implementation of product differentiation, species differentiation, quality and service differentiation. 
Product differentiation means that Well-Road is always able to develop continuously products that are at the international forefront of industry technology, to ensure that Well-Road 's products are upgraded all the time; species differentiation means implementation product strategies as large-scale, miniaturization and complete set, to avoid vicious competition caused by concentrated products in the middle level; quality differentiation means vigorously developing high-quality products with high technical barriers and weak competition, to replace imported products in the Chinese market and gradually enter the international market; service differentiation means taking precise analysis on customer needs and assessment of market segmentation for different products to provide customers with customized products and services. Furthermore, to enhance Well-Road 's competitive advantages about products, services and brands comprehensively.
Well-Road will take full use of its own advantages to take a comprehensive cost leadership strategy for foreign competitors.  The comprehensive cost leadership strategy means entering the market at a lower sales price with quality close to the foreign product, to compete with higher cost-effectiveness. By further improving labor productivity, controlling management and financial costs, using existing marketing network to reduce marketing costs, to maintain and strengthen products’ competitive advantage in terms of cost.

4. Operation Strategy “one improve, two reduce and three strengthen”
one improve——improve the quality comprehensively;
two reduce——reduce cost and inventory;
three strengthen——strengthen marketing service, strengthen the management of accounts receivable, strengthen management process optimization.

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